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    Are you exhausted from feeling overwhelmed and anxious? Do past painful experiences constantly interfere with your daily life and relationships? Are you stuck? Life’s journey can sometimes lead to difficult places where it seems impossible to move forward.  If you are ready for a change, I can help.

    I offer a safe place where you can be heard and understood. I use your own life story to resolve the root causes of the issues that are troubling you and enable you to continue your journey with resilience, hope, and confidence.  We can do this work together for as long as you need a touch of grace for your journey.

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    Relationship Issues

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    Lifespan Integration

    Lifespan Integration (LI) is a body mind therapy that uses the timeline of a person's life to resolve trauma, integrate past painful experiences, and gain clarity and empowerment to deal with current issues in new ways.

    "Lifespan Integration is a therapy that does not re-traumatize clients and causes no secondary trauma for the clinician. After twenty years of using LI, I am still moved by the changes I see in clients every day" - Catherine Thorpe, co-founder of Lifespan Integration

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    About Judith Piper

    I believe that the basis for healing comes from first hearing and understanding the needs of my clients. I offer a tranquil environment founded on confidentiality, acceptance, compassion, and creativity, where it is safe to uncover your concerns and identify solutions to difficult issues. My primary therapy modality is Lifespan Integration which gently resolves trauma in both the body and mind and enables positive changes to your current life. I am comfortable with bringing faith and spirituality into therapy for clients who value making their spiritual practices a part their therapeutic process. I offer individual sessions online and in person for children, adolescents, and adults.